Meet Chris Simning

Chris Simning

There has to be a story, right? Isn't there always? Just what is it about this guy who looks or sounds a bit "different," capturing the attention of the crowds, YouTube viewers, and Facebook fans? At first, getting noticed for reasons beyond his control seemed like a negative, but over time and through a great deal of hardship, Chris Simning has turned the stares into an all out stage of promise.


The whispers of "What does he have?" can't be heard as much anymore. Now there is an answer. Chris Simning has something to say, and a certain something so very powerful to share.


If you are ever in Africa we would LOVE to have come and share. We live full time in Kigoma Tanzania reaching the lost of Jesus Christ. We also have a Bible College were we train up men and women in God's Word. Having you come and share your life testimony would be such an amazing help here.