Chris Simning Photo Galleries

It has been said that there is no such thing as a perfect picture. Most would opt to retake an out of focus photo for a chance at clarity, but Chris Simning sees things differently. It's a matter of perspective. You see, Chris shakes a bit when taking a picture, so some photos don't fit that perfect mold others have put in place. Chris decides to leave those hazy shots as is, serving as a reminder of what really happened during that moment behind the lens, an accurate depiction of the days events and not some fake photoshop portrayal.


Apply that concept to life and all of a sudden those blurs and off-centered events only heighten the intrigue and uniqueness of just what makes us who we are. Some days might be a bit cloudy and dark, while others seem quite clear and bright. Whatever the day, know that it's your own unique journey, a photo worth saving.